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Check Out the new Playaway Bookpacks


Playaway Bookpacks are available for checkout! Playaway® Bookpacks “bring together the simplicity of our all-in-one audiobooks and their print versions to deliver a fun and educational read-along experience to children of all ages.”

The Bookpacks are “a powerful literacy tool for children at every reading level.  Bookpacks are the easiest way for emerging and struggling readers, auditory and special education learners, and ESL patrons to develop literacy skills.” 

The Bookpacks can assist young readers:

  • Improve reading comprehension and retention
  • Expand vocabulary skills
  • Build phonemic awareness and fluency

The Bookpacks include pre-recorded best sellers, award-winning titles, classic titles and Common Core State Standard selections for various ages and reading levels.  The read-along content is perfect for every student.

Each Bookpack contains 1 audio Playaway, and 1 or more print book(s).  Some Bookpacks, especially ones for younger children, will have up to 6 books included.